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Client Testimonials
'Your book really changed my perspective in life.' - Almalyn Taber
'Show Stress Who's Boss! has given me back my life and I am now back on track.' - Sophie Mansfield
'If you want to beat stress, then read this book now.' - John Marchent
'This book will certainly be required reading for our senior team.'
- Andrew Shaw, CEO, Dubai Cables
'Carole Spiers 1, Stress 0.'
Jeremy Nicholas, BBC sports reporter
'This book stands out as the one that really delivers what it says on the cover.' - Gautam Ganglani
'Show Stress Who's Boss! will probably turn out a best-seller in its class. Or is it in a class of its own?'
- Richard McCann
'This book helped me to control my stress and switch off. I recommend it to anyone who wants to discover how to manage their stress.'
- Mohamad Hatamleh, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East & Africa, Epoxy Additives, Air Products Middle East FZE [Chemicals]


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What is Stress?

Find the Answers in this New Stress Management Book!

Cant Cope Any More?
Discover Stress Relief in 60 Minutes!

Stress CartoonThis NEW stress management book by Carole Spiers, with its innovative "How to deal with stress" tips is written for everyone in the workplace, from directors to all employees. It provides practical, straightforward, stress relief solutions that are simple to use and can be implemented immediately.

Show Stress Who’s Boss! is an essential guide for readers who want to know precisely 'what stress is' and 'how to manage it'. It delivers quick answers to all your stress related questions. Illustrations, stories and case studies make it the ultimate stress management book complete with tried and tested stress relief strategies.

Less Stress, More Living!
Discover a Stress Management Book that Makes Stress Reduction Easy

With so many pages written on this subject, you may wonder why this book on stress is so different. The simple answer is that Show Stress Who’s Boss! provides a clear, no-nonsense approach to stress relief, both at home and at work.

This easy to read, fully illustrated book on 'what causes stress' and 'how to deal with stress', demonstrates the right and wrong way of managing stress, which takes stress management to a new level.

Life Getting You Down?
Find Out How to Deal With Stress in 4 Simple Steps!

Within Show Stress Who’s Boss!, you will discover a skill-set on how to deal with stress that is based on the twenty five years of Carole's hands-on experience in the workplace and dealing with stress.

Want to Get Your Life Back on Track in 2013?
Get a Insider's View Today of Stress and How to Deal With it...:

Stress Stress Whos Boss on Shelf
  • Simple techniques to reduce stress
  • Easy ways to build resilience to pressure
  • Practical methods to toughen up mind and body
  • Proven steps to help you sleep soundly
  • Healthy eating tips to maintain energy levels
  • Effective time management techniques
  • Key strategies for a healthy work-life balance
  • Interventions to increase personal performance
  • A no-nonsense approach to tackling workplace stress
  • Key stress relief learning points, questionnaires and much more!

In order to deal with stress, your can either read this book on stress from cover to cover or just dip into it when you have a stress management problem that needs solving quickly. Either way, it will deliver instant answers to your questions.

Keep this essential guide on stress relief close to hand so that YOU can Show Stress Who’s Boss!


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